Plank Variations 2.0

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend of leftovers and online shopping.  This week I’m trying to refocus on my goals I have for the remainder of 2017 which include adding more veggies and fiber to my daily routine, keeping my mileage up as the temperature plunges, and using the winter season to work on improving my strength.  One of the ways I try to keep my running form strong is by incorporating planks.  In my previous post Plank Variations I showed you guys a couple of front plank variations, but in this post you’ll get some variations for the side plank.

I mentioned in the original plank variation post that core strength (including your glute “core” strength) is very important to injury prevention.  Side planks target the obliques, shoulders, and gluteus medius (an important hip stabilizer).  Weakness in these areas can lead to low back pain, iliotibial band pain, and knee pain.  You’ll really feel these in your obliques, and the plank with hip abduction will get your gluteus medius burning!

Side Plank with Hip Dip

  1. Begin in side plank position with your left elbow under shoulder and feet stacked on top of each other
  2. Lower your hips towards the ground without touching it
  3. Drive your hips upwards squeezing your left oblique
  4. Perform 10 on your left side and then switch to your left
  5. Perform 2-3 sets

Side Plank with Hip Abduction

  1. Begin in side plank position with your left elbow under shoulder and feet stacked on top of each other
  2. Maintaining your alignment and keeping the knees straight, perform a straight leg raise with your right leg
  3. Slowly lower leg to starting position
  4. Perform 10 with your right leg and then switch to perform with your right leg
  5. Perform 2-3 sets

Add these to your front planks and variations to hit different core muscles and to keep from being hit by the injury bus!  Happy and healthy running to ya!

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