A day of “firsts”

Yesterday was definitely a first for me-I ran 13.1 miles in the most wicked torrential rain!  It was tough starting off in pouring rain, but as it went on it became a fun challenge, and something that I think brought all the runners together.  We shared tips and tricks for race day rain gear along the course (trash bags, ponchos, and my mistake of a heavy rain jacket which was tied to my waste by mile 2), and dodged the huge puddles that the race staff graciously pointed out.  The Suffolk County Marathon series went on rain or shine…more like all rain, no shine.

My boyfriend Chris on the other hand, experienced a first of his own, and a whole lot of shine.  He took first place in the Clydesdale division for the 5k!  The Clydesdale division is for men weighing 185-199 lbs or men 200+, which I think is a pretty cool option to have. They also have the Athena division for women (140-159 lbs, 160+).  But even if he didn’t run in the Clydesdale division, he would have came in 2nd overall in his age group with a time of 23:42!  Proud girlfriend sighting right here!

Coolest medal I’ve seen so far #Merica

Both of us were coming off of training for the Great South Bay half marathon so he had a good cardio base already; speed was the focus for the past 3 weeks.  Here’s a snapshot of his training:


We’re both looking forward to the Port Washington Thanksgiving Day 5 miler next month which will hopefully be much more dry, but equally as exciting!  Happy running!

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